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Hydes Cyder Cº

We produce high quality naturally fermented lightly carbonated drinks with no chemicals additives

Hydes Cyder Co


A classic pandemic story. During lockdown, we moved to an isolated farmhouse in Hampshire to have more space whilst the family worked from home. Our small orchard soon dropped never-ending windfalls and we invested in an apple roller to collect them. A large wire net ball on the end of a long handle which you roll like a hoover. Soon we had wheel barrow loads of apples which were large and juicy and not suitable to throw away. The cider production idea was born.

Hydes Cyder Co
The Autumn Diary of a Cider Maker

What started as a hobby in 2021 has become an obsession. We are now in the process of producing up to 28 hectolitres of cider a year using traditional cider techniques and quite a few state-of-the-art ones borrowed from the wine industry.

We are passionate about what we do and produce. Where possible we do not add sulphites and let the natural yeasts on the apple skins do their job, as they have done for the past two thousand years. Our equipment and supplies, bottles & cans are all sourced in England within a 150 mile radius of where we live.

History of Cider
Hydes Cyder Co
Hydes Cyder Co

Our Cider

Our first commercial batch of cider, the 2023 Batch No1 was launched in September this year. It has been blended from apples harvested from the long-standing and mature trees on the Herriard Estate along with Dabinett juice to produce a refreshing lightly carbonated drink. The cider has been positively received and now sits alongside established and respected brands in local shops, pubs and off-licenses. You are also able to purchase it online or from our on-site shop.

Hydes Cyder Co

Tasting Notes

A gently sparkling medium dry cider that is light on the palate leaving a lingering smooth apple taste. The aromas of apples and citrus convert into a full flavour on the tongue. Best served chilled from the fridge or over ice. Equally delightful to drink on its own or with food. Suggested pairings include cured meats, cheese and tapas.

5% ABV.
500ml glass bottles.
Suitable for vegans & vegetarians. Gluten free.

Hydes Cyder Co
Hydes Cyder Co

As with all boutique producers, we continue to experiment with our blending so our cider will always be slightly different to previous batches due to variations in apples, weather and temperatures during fermentation. We believe this adds to the appeal of the brand.

Where possible we look to act in a sustainable manner preferring to source our apples locally and from the British Apple Cº. Our bottling is done less than 100 miles away from our facility.


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